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What to Expect from The Palm Beach Fashion Week tm
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International designers, fashion editors, media representatives, bloggers, fashionistas, influencers, and also VIP guests, attend the exclusive runway shows, fashion centers, and elegant social events. We are confident that the Palm Beach Fashion Week event has made a global impact on philanthropical tendencies and fashion scenes by arranging performances presented in a unique, sophisticated way. Our event elegantly showcases Palm Beach as a perfect destination for fashion, design, philanthropy, and hospitality. It provides a launching platform for new and well-established designers and runway models. Emerging brands also have an excellent opportunity to make their voices heard here. High-ends designers will present their seasonal collections created with a unique spirit of Palm Beach in mind.


Moreover, you can bring your gentle donations to the Palm Beach event to promote the philanthropical movement and help social organizations that lack support. More money is raised in the Town of Palm Beach during its charity season than anywhere else in the world. The island's concentration of wealthy residents makes the town buzz with galas, parties, and special events for charities. The Palm Beach Fashion Week event is part of that. Join us in this fashionable lifestyle experience and help people in need at the same time!


The Devine production team has been an influence on the business scene for over 30 years. They have one of the most successful marketing, public relations, and event production companies in the USA. Their pioneering and innovative marketing strategies have led to many successful projects, such as: The Palm Beach Centennial Celebration, Palm Beach Fashion Week, Windows of Worth, and more than 5,000+ other marketing/special event projects.   

The Devine's bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of marketing, photography, fashion production, TV/Film production coordination, print publishing and crisis management. This diverse international background, allows them to bring a unique perspective to any marketing campaign they produce. 

Further, their many years of business development and project management experience allows them to create business plans for any industry, restructure corporations, and revise revenue projections ensuring maximum return - bringing numerous added benefits for their clients. To name a few:The Home Shopping Network, BBD&O, Warner Brothers, Disney, Blue Star Jets, Maserati, Mercedes, Princess Yachts, TD Bank, Emilio Pucci, Valentino, St. John, Ungaro, The LVMH Group, Nordstroms, Saks 5th Ave, Hamilton Jewelers, Chopard, W Magazine and numerous charitable organizations. To hear what some of Devine Style's clients have to say, please click on "Client Reviews" in the menu. Or visit


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Troy Devine (1980 - 2013) and his mother, Olympia Devine

"I am extremely grateful for these reviews from our many participating clients....I do need to add that it takes a team of dedicated professionals to ensure a production's success - staff, event chairs, committees, donors, vendors, volunteers and of course the clients themselves who are all hands-on team players. Thank you!" Olympia Devine

"I know of no other event management company in America that would have even agreed to try and make our dream a reality in this short period of time...In retrospect, nobody else could have done the job had they been given eight months to prepare, but Troy and Olympia are part of this community, and failure was never an option for any of us. I have to say they come by the name "Devine Style" honestly. How else could you describe a company like this?"

Bill Bone, Palm Beach Centennial Chairman, Palm Beach Daily News 5/20/2011

“The Windows of Worth Preview Party hosted by Gallery Biba was a great success.  We had an excellent turnout for this celebration of Palm Beach's Centennial, and it was a wonderful opportunity to introduce some of our new artists.  We were very happy to partner with Devine Style and that we were able to associate Hospice, a noble charity, with this exciting event.”

Biba St Croix, Owner of Biba Art Gallery


"We were honored to participate in the special event promotion, Windows of Worth, produced by Olympia Devine and her team. The window was called the "Balancing Act".  Inspiration discovered in Louis Vuitton archives, from our very first advertising campaign.  Products levitating in an almost magical way, makes a playful bright window for the start of 2011. Our Worth Avenue store is grateful for the terrific additional store sales and saw a marked increase in store traffic during the Windows of Worth event and will all the marketing the week before March 5th, 2011."

- Marketing Director of Louis Vuitton



"Having produced several very successful luxury lifestyle events with Devine Style in the last few years, I can honestly say there is no finer, more professional company to work with when achieving absolute perfection is the goal.  Olympia, Troy, and their staff are consistently courteous, responsive, and extremely attentive to detail.  More importantly, they understand the needs of their clients and bring a passion to their inexhaustible efforts to ensure success in bringing vision to reality.  Their fashion sense, industry connections, and experience have been invaluable to our company in producing stunning cross platform luxury lifestyle presentations and events for the last several years and will be for years to come." - James Nobel, Vice President & Marketing Director, Viking Sport Cruisers, Inc. (Princess Yachts)

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