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The Palm Beach Foundation In dba

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The Palm Beach Fashion Week event is designed to showcase philanthropy, international & national fashion designers...and promote Palm Beach County retail shopping.  Welcome to the best lifestyle event of the year! 

The Palm Beach Fashion Week™ is the only official fashion week in the Palm Beaches. Fashion shows are scheduled each day of the week at contemporary and historical venues; with in-store happenings as part of Shop33480™ to benefit local retail and numerous charities. In the spirit of Palm Beach this platform will also honor community leaders who have made a difference. Attendees can enjoy a special International Day, as well as a Pet Fashion Week day.


The Palm Beach Fashion Week™

Event Mission Statement

To create a platform for international, local and emerging artists to showcase their fashion collections at historical and contemporary Palm Beach venues;
- To benefit students in the arts and music as well as non-profit organizations who will participate at each venue;
- To market Palm Beach County as an international fashion destination for local industry revenue.


Web site images from the Palm Beach Fashion Week and Devine Style Productions. Photography: Lucien Capehart, Daryl Davidoff, Corby Kaye, Troy Devine 

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